Here are some words from former students and co-workers:

From the guidance you gave me I was able to create a project that surpassed everyone’s expectations. The faculty said it was the most advanced project ever shot at the school. I probably saved days…weeks of time.

Brian Rhodes
Student - University of Southern California

Rob changed the way I thought about compositing and all visual effects work. His lectures took me from a student to a working professional.

Jordan Hansen 
President and Founder Mighty North LLC

Rob was instrumental in helping me start my career. He genuinely enjoys teaching, knows the industry inside out and on top of that has a keen artistic eye. No matter what background you're coming from, Rob will help take you and your work to the next level.

Matthew Friedlander
Matte Painter - Method Studios

Rob is a Swiss Army Knife — he knows all facets of VFX supervision, from on-set supervising, to 3d, to comp, to fx …. He has been working on A list projects for the last 20 years and is my go-to person for getting things done!

Danielle Costa
VFX Executive - Marvel Studios

Rob knows visual effects inside and out; I've yet to have a question he wasn't able to answer! He knows everything about VRay and Nuke, and he recently helped me create awesome explosions and perfectly key a green screen.

Christine Barron
Animation Student at USC School of Cinematic Arts

When clients ask me for talent recommendations, I have a "go to" list of top tier artists. Rob sits comfortably at the top of that list. He's one of those rare breed of artist that thinks outside the box, and comes up with innovative creative solutions to tackle the most complicated challenges. The very fact that he's willing to share that knowledge, is a huge opportunity for his students to learn the real techniques from a proven master. Rob's the man.

Alex Nice
Art Director - Magnopus

I’ve known Rob for almost 20 years, and working with him has always been rewarding, fun and completely straightforward. He’s a continual source of knowledge while dealing with complex scenarios.  He has a great ability to work through challenges, whilst keeping a great attitude. We worked together on many projects during our time at Digital Domain and on other projects since then. He is knowledgeable and credible in every single aspect of VFX, and importantly overall production. He’s battle tested and proven on countless well known, high level productions. He is admired and respected throughout the industry, and continues to push and try new technologies along the way. Also, importantly: he’s a happy guy that’ll will make your journey towards acquiring VFX knowledge fun and encouraging.

Cris Blyth
Co-Founder : What's Good Studios

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