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What is Live Mentor? Simply put, Live Mentor is a completely new way for you to push beyond your current perceived limitations. Our mentors have a world class level of experience they will bring to the table. Using their experience you can shorten the time it takes to learn your craft and increase your workflow. We expect a learning ratio to increase very significantly with our service.

Why do we think so?

Remember when you learned to swim, ride a bike, drive a car, or even tie your shoelaces? Sure, we take these things for granted. These things are all learned and you had someone to help show you how to do it until you got it right. Now imagine how much longer if would have taken if you did not have that instructor sitting with you, walking you through the right way to do it. Yep, that's exactly what we thought too.

That's what Live Mentor is all about. It's about helping you take your skills to the next level.

There are ways to shortcut your learning process. We can help.

About Robert Nederhorst

Rob Nederhorst is a near 20 year veteran of the visual effects field and considered one of the foremost experts in Nuke compositing and VRay rendering.

When his mom asks him what he does for a living he says he uses Photoshop...because nobody can understand what we do!

He really wants to say he excels in live action and CGI integration using physically based rendering and live action components to create a beautiful and compelling image.  See?  The first answer is easier.​

If you ask him what has favorite movie is he will tell you either Super Troopers​ or Step Into Liquid.

He has contributed to over 20 films and has lost count on the number of commercials he's worked on.  It's a lot. 🙂

During his career Rob has been part of the development team for Nuke, and has had major contributions to other software like VRay, FrameCycler, SpeedGrade to name a few.  He's written entire facility pipeline code from scratch and has also built facilities from the ground up.​

Rob has been nominated for two Visual Effects Society awards and has worked on award winning projects with directors such as Joseph Kosinski, David Fincher, Ron Howard, Rob Cohen, and many more.​

One thing that Rob has always had a passion for is teaching.  Even before he started at Digital Domain in 1998 he taught classes on camera technique and lighting principals for 3d artists.​  Those seminars had over 300 people in them!  During his time in Los Angeles he's made training materials that have taught thousands of people about compositing, lighting, and overall visual effects practices.

​Rob also teaches as an Adjunct Professor at the University of Southern California.  During his 4 years there he noticed that as he spent personal time with students, their ability to resolve issues and improve their workflow increased significantly.  He realized that while the tasks people face learning systems and tools may be challenging, learning them should not be.

Rob's goal is to help you exceed your own expectations and get you to your full potential.​

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